This project makes a comparison between stray dogs forced to fight each other for food, breeding or survive, and the common people, forced to survive too, forced to work in bad conditions and struggle for food and basic services. The situation of these 2 dogs is extreme and desperate. Forced by an external structure to confront each other, to have no chance of scape and fight to death despite their misery. This can be compared with peoplo who is forced to go against others to survive, being ignored by the goverment


This project wants to make a comparison between industrial farming chickens, whose only function is to become food for the people, and the working class, whose only function seems to be live for work and be a tiny part of an economic system that ignores their name and individual needs, and just uses them to continue operating.


The scope of this project is talk about the bank system that presents itself through great advertisement campaigns as an ally, a friend, a trust worthy one; a well orchestrated ideal completely far from reality. Loans with high fees, unclear and complex contract clauses, systems created, many times, to increase the user`s debt. We feed a beast. The beast represented by a piggy bank, but not a beautiful bank advertisement souvenir (like those piggy banks given to the children to create on them the ideals of trust and saving). This is a piggy bank shows himself like it would be, a fat and horrible beast.

Toads Game

Based on a very popular South American game (the frog game or toad game, depends of the country) this sculpture is a critic and a reflection about labor conditions and consumerism. We use to sell our freedom, time or even our bodies for money. This sculptures shows a man waiting for a coin in his mouth as the animal in the game.


Shih –Tzu dog portrait. / Polyester casted resin. Oil Colors. Approximately Measure: 40 cms.


This art project is a reinterpretation of the mythic Minotaur character. It is this nature human/animal, the fusion that attracts me. I´ve decided to reinterpret the character through the photography and the sculpture, to show a fusion of distinction and, probably in first reading contradictory, nature: life and death, human and beast, light and darkness / Digital Photography. Silicon Sculpture.


Yellow Travertine Marble. / approximately measures: 80cms.

Woman Anatomy Study

Nude Anatomy study / Polyester Casted Resin, Approximately measures: 1,65 mts


Child Anatomy Study. Cement and Marble Dust Casting. Approximately measures: 1,50mts.

Military Memorial

This sculpture represents all the “military antiques” placed on different places in the city, as monuments, many time without a real background. These weapons out of context and out of time are just junk pieces. My sculpture is also made of junk. It mimetizes with this antiques who stands like an empty shape of what they were. / Welded steel junk. Approximately measures: 1,40 mts.


The concept of a monolith in many ancient civilizations was the stone who pierces the skies and creates a nexus between the heaven and hearth. This sculpture, originally a student work art piece, this sculpture is reinterpretation in small scale of this old concept of monolith. The shape, lines and volume eject this sculpture to reach the heavens / Yellow Travertine Marble, approximately measures: 1.40 cms.

Monster head

Head of a humanoid monster.


The wood is a living thing that represents a connection between the spirit of this being, the nature of the raw material to sculpt and the artist´s spirit is required to create a totem. The totem is then a spirit, a soul, created through this process, and showed by the carved wood forms. My art piece shows the wood as a material at the service of the humanity, like a domesticated beast. Because is the wood the first material used by the humanity, and is for it that I create this totem. / Yellow Moena and Tornillo Wood, rope and oil. Approximately measures: 1,80 mts.

Black Stones

This piece was originally a student art work. These three little sculptures represents the decomposition of a shape through the space and time. This 3 pieces shows the process, since the first closed and impotent, unaltered by the time, to the third volatile piece, who seems to vanish into space. / Cement with Marble dust casting.